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The Basic Leadership Development Course, or the BLDC, is a 6-day residential course for participants from all over the Asia South Pacific and Central Asia. It brings together ASPBAE's members from diverse cultural backgrounds and offers participatory and interactive methods to enhance learning practices and build leaders in the field of adult education and lifelong learning.


What the Course Offers

The Asia South Pacific Association for Basic and Adult Education (ASPBAE) Leadership Development Programme is premised on ASPBAE’s commitment to the promotion of education for all and life long learning. It is part of ASPBAE’s long-term multi-level strategy to build and expand the “leadership corps” in the region, committed to advancing the right of all to learn, and to promoting the learning needs and interests especially of the most marginal groups.

Specifically, the Programme aims to contribute towards:

  • Improving the effectiveness and capability of ASPBAE and the education movement in the region.
  • Further strengthening the adult education network.
  • Ensuring leadership succession within ASPBAE.




The main objectives of ASPBAE’s Basic Leadership Development Course are to:

  • Develop a holistic perspective on transformative adult education
  • Enhance skills and attitudes on processes that support transformative adult education
  • Provide opportunities for the sharing of adult learning experiences
  • Facilitate structured reflection towards developing a basic understanding of adult learning principles and practices that are transformative, gender sensitive, rights-based and contribute to sustainable development
  • Gain a better understanding of, and develop a commitment to ASPBAE
  • Develop a critical understanding of the contexts in Asia Pacific that impact on adult learning
  • Contribute to developing a ‘talent bank’ for the leadership in ASPBAE, its membership, and the adult education movement in the Asia Pacific

All ASPBAE member organizations are invited to nominate potential participants.




Naomi Kamijo is an ASPBAE Executive Council member representing East Asia. She has been engaging in development education in Japan for 30 years as a voluntary worker, and now she is the chair of DEAR -Development Education Association and Resource Center.

She has been working for the Japanese YMCA for 10 years on the issue of youth. Naomi then obtained a Master’s Degree in Andragogy. She is currently working for the Volunteer Center of Ferris Women’s University as a coordinator with the students to bring innovation to the training programmes and community work.

Development Education has a lot in common with ESD - Education for Sustainable Development - in its holistic approach, participatory the ways of learning, problem-based learning, and critical thinking. Naomi has deep concern for how we can be reflective in our learning experience and move on to the transformation of society.


Dominic D'souzais an ASPBAE Executive Council member representing South and Central Asia. He has a Master’s Degree in Social Work from the Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai, India, and has taught for 7 years at the College of Social Work, University of Bombay.

He later joined one of his students in exploring development work among the tribal communities in eastern India. Dominic has worked at the Indo-German Social Service Society, New Delhi, which was involved in providing support and engaging youth in development all across India.

He returned to Andhra Pradesh, Southern India as an Associate Director of Laya, an NGO he co-founded 17 years ago. Since then, he has been involved in adult education in the fields of agriculture, community health, and recently, climate change.




  • Gender and geographic balance, to the extent possible, with the nominations finally received.
  • Priority to nominations from ASPBAE member organizations.
  • Special consideration to those who are expected to play leadership roles in their own organizations.



BLDC Flyer

BLDC Flyer

In keeping with ASPBAE's commitment to participatory learning, the course is designed to build on the experiences of participants and to be attentive to their learning needs and priorities.

BLDC Manual

BLDC Manual

ASPBAE offers this BLDC Manual as a resource to a diverse group of individuals, communities and organisations engaged in strengthening and enhancing adult education in the Asia and South Pacific region.

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